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Projected stasis field

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D7 firing projected stasis field

IKS Gr'oth firing a projected stasis field

A projected stasis field, also referred to as a stasis weapon, was an experimental Klingon weapon of immense power, capable of completely paralyzing an enemy vessel, including all vital systems. The weapon was first field tested against the Federation in 2269, aboard the IKS Gr'oth.

The threat of this new weapon to the Federation was analyzed by the crew of the USS Enterprise during an encounter near the Klingon-Federation border on stardate 5392.

During the confrontation, the Gr'oth successfully disabled the Enterprise, but upon further analysis by Science Officer Spock, it was determined that after prolonged use of the weapon, the cruiser's power cells were too quickly drained, proving to equally crippling to itself. In order to complete any prolonged assault, the cruiser was required to wait several hours for the weapon to recharge to full power.

Ultimately, it was determined that the use of this weapon aboard D7s was impractical in standard combat. (TAS: "More Tribbles, More Troubles")

While the weapon was referred to as a "stasis weapon," it did not truly place the target in stasis, as the crew of the affected ship was still able to act. It did, however, disable all weapon systems and engines. In the episode, it was able to fire at up to at least three simultaneous targets.
In Stephen Cole's Trek-based board game Star Fleet Battles, the Klingon stasis field comes into more general use, but is still quite limited in deployment, as the ship using the "Stasis Field Generator" requires other ships as escorts in order to be effective.

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