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Probe follows the events after the whale probe of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home leaves Earth to travel to Romulan space.


From the book jacket
In the aftermath of the visit of the mysterious probe to Earth in 2286, Starfleet is wondering what this strange visitor really was about, and who sent it. At the same time, a major political upheaval on Romulus has deposed a ruling party that has ruled for decades, and the new leadership is interested in more diplomatic relations with the Federation. With the probe headed towards Romulan space, it is a chance for the two powers to work together to understand who sent the probe, and why.
Eventually, the crew of the USS Enterprise, working with Romulan counterparts, tracks down the probe, and learns more about its background and history. Spock successfully mind melds with the probe, learning that it did not seek to be destructive to other races, instead they were so different from its creators that they were ignored as "mites" in "metal bubbles", and teaches the probe to be more aware of what it is doing to humanoid life in the galaxy as it travels, leaving the probe to continue to explore the galaxy and the detente seeking Romulans with some of the first peaceful interaction they have ever had with the Federation.

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  • The credited author, Margaret Wander Bonanno, disclaims the book, noting on her website that "I know my name is on the cover, but no, I did not write it," and provides the full-text of The Music of the Spheres, the novel she handed in. [1]. Bonanno acknowledges Gene DeWeese as an uncredited rewriter of the published novel.
  • This story is a sequel to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
  • The audiobook version was abridged by George Truett.
  • The novel references that the probe's creators were whale like aliens with great technical skill. These aliens apparently did battle with the Borg, described as "mites in metal cubes", who destroyed the creator's system star after failing to defeat them in battle.
  • It was also explained that the probe was capable of terraforming planets into waterworlds better suited for whale-like species, and that the atmospheric disturbances created on Earth were the early stages of an attempt to flood the planet.


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