A price tag was a small sign affixed to an object that listed the amount of money an item cost.

The term could also refer, metaphorically, to the cost of one's rash or otherwise unexplained actions. In 2268, Leonard McCoy criticized James T. Kirk having made an obsession-fueled decision to vanquish the dikironium cloud creature once and for all, after two crewmen were attacked by the creature as it entered the vent of impulse engine number two, leaving one dead and the other with a slim chance. McCoy told Kirk, "You can add that little price tag to your monster hunt." (TOS: "Obsession")

In 2375, a skeptical Kathryn Janeway surmised (correctly) that gaining the assistance of the Think Tank in avoiding the Hazari came with a price tag. (VOY: "Think Tank")

In the final draft script of TOS: "Miri", a price tag was mentioned as being attached to a Beatles-esque wig worn by Jahn, with the tag "still dangling" from the wig.

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