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Pralor 3947 eng

A Pralor type Automated Unit on USS Voyager

The Pralor were a race of humanoids who once existed in the Delta Quadrant and who, at some point, were at war with the Cravic. The two sides constructed Automated Personnel Units to help fight the war. Some time later, truce and peace was declared between the Pralor and Cravic, and the two sides agreed to dismantle the units, which were constructed only to fight this war. The Automated Personnel Units (such as 3947) could not accept this threat to their survival and turned on their builders, wiping out the entire race – the Cravic counterparts did the same. Both sets of robots continued to fight the war at least up to 2372, when the crew of the USS Voyager encountered them. (VOY: "Prototype")

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