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suggestion for related wiki Edit


I would like to propose an addition to the list of related wikis at the bottom of the page. I suggest you add the "Klingon Language Wiki" for several reasons. Mainly it is the only wiki of its kind. It collects all kind of information about the klingon language. I believe that it is a very useful addition to Memory Alpha, because it allows to add real world information which goes beyond the permitted information for MA. (You may see it as a Memory Beta with the focus on Klingon.) In case you do not have enough slots to add it, I think you may replace the Klingon dictionary wiki. I certainly do not wish to compete with it, but maybe the background information about the Klingon language is more interesting to random visitors than the Klingon vocabulary. But I am sure that an additional slot is no problem. Besides, I have linked the Klingon Language Wiki to both the dictionary wiki and also the Memory Alpha. Maybe pages of MA will link more to the Klingon Language Wiki, as we do link to MA. I hope this may result in a good cooperation. Find the wiki on

--- Klingonteacher (talk)

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