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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A studio model at auction

The eight-foot refit model

The studio models that represented the Constitution-class USS Enterprise were slated to be modernized and redesigned after the production of Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Animated Series. Starting out with traditional physical studio models, digital versions were also used to represent ships of this class in the Star Trek franchise.

Ralph McQuarrie, best known to the public for his stunning production designs for the Star Wars films, was hired by Ken Adam to help develop the designs for the new Star Trek: Planet of the Titans movie, ultimately abandoned to make way for Star Trek: Phase II, the new television series. Although the design used the same elements as the original design, saucer shaped primary hull, warp engine assemblies and a engineering secondary hull, the secondary hull was flattened and wedge shaped, providing a radically different look, one not unlike the Star Destroyers McQuarrie designed for those films.

Their Enterprise design, however, was abandoned, and Roddenberry asked Matt Jefferies to update the famous starship to reflect the refit that would be part of the Phase II-series' back story. During June 1977, Jefferies' re-designed the engine nacelles from tubes to thin, flat-sided modules, and tapered their supports. He also added the distinctive photon torpedo launch ports on the saucer connector.
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Did You Know that Marina Sirtis originally auditioned for the role of security chief Macha Hernandez on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Denise Crosby was to play counselor Deanna Troi until Gene Roddenberry decided to switch the two actresses, renaming Hernandez to Natasha Yar, and was given a Ukrainian background to match Crosby's blond hair.


Today in Trek history

Today is
Bruce Watson is born.
James W. Jansen is born.
John Putch is born.
Paul Townsend is born.
Glen Hambly is born.
Tim Flattery is born.
Seventh day of filming on TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
Sixth day of filming on TOS: "Balance of Terror". Romulan Bird-of-Prey bridge scenes are filmed today.
Revised final draft of script for TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" is submitted.
Kellie Waymire is born.
Third day of filming on TOS: "Mirror, Mirror". The scenes in Kirk's quarters are filmed today.
Final draft script for TOS: "The Deadly Years" is submitted.
The sale of Desilu Studios to Gulf+Western is finalized. Lucille Ball leaves the very same day, never to return, as her former company is absorbed into Paramount Television under which flag Star Trek is from now on produced.
Bryan Fuller is born.
First day of filming on TNG: "Haven".
Seventh and final day of filming on TNG: "Suddenly Human".
Fifth day of filming on DS9: "The Search, Part II".
Fifth day of filming on VOY: "Non Sequitur".
Eighth and final day of filming on DS9: "Shadows and Symbols".
Third day of filming on VOY: "Critical Care".
Eighth and final day of filming on ENT: "Strange New World".
Second day of filming on ENT: "Storm Front, Part II".
Pocket TNG novel A Time to Kill published.
Twenty-second day of filming on Star Trek Beyond.

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