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Breakdowns - Book 7

Breakdowns is the seventh volume in the print omnibus collection of the eBook series Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers. It collects eBooks 25-28, entitled Home Fries, Age of Unreason, Balance of Nature, and Breakdowns; stories which cover the SCE crew of the USS da Vinci dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophic Galvan VI incident, where half of the ship's complement were killed. While the da Vinci undergoes repairs, the crew attempts to put their lives back together.

Home Fries follows Domenica Corsi's trip home to Fahleena III, accompanied by Fabian Stevens, and her relationship with her long-estranged father, the captain of a cargo company.

Age of Unreason follows Carol Abramowitz, Bart Faulwell, and Soloman as they try to prevent a civil war on Vrinda. Carol is asked to host the ceremony that will begin a truce between the two warring powers, a ceremony involving an expression of honest, naked emotion, something she has never been particularly comfortable doing, especially after the events of Galvan VI.

Balance of Nature follows P8 "Pattie" Blue's trip home while her world is confronting a crisis that threatens the Nasat's very existence.

Breakdowns follows Captain David Gold, as he contacts the families of the twenty-three members of his crew who died under his command to give his personal apologies, and Commander Sonya Gomez, dealing with the loss of Kieran Duffy, who had asked her to marry him before dying at Galvan VI.
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Did You Know that every time the mirror universe was visited on Deep Space Nine a Ferengi was killed? Kira Nerys killed Quark in "Crossover", Garak killed Rom in "Through the Looking Glass", and Kira killed both Nog in "Shattered Mirror" and Brunt in "The Emperor's New Cloak". This cycle is perpetuated in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, in which each successive death can enable the player to bring into the game the next person in the cycle.



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