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9 September 2018
As part of a larger settlement, CBS Corporation CEO Leslie Moonves resigns effective immediately, temporarily replaced by COO Joseph Ianniello. Also, National Amusements agrees not to attempt a merger between Viacom and CBS Corporation, which would include a reunification of the Star Trek television and film franchises, for at least two years. [1]
30 August 2018
Star Trek will be honored by the Television Academy and receive the Governors Award in recognition of its storied legacy in advancing science, society, and culture.​ The award will be presented during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony on 8 September 2018. [2]
28 August 2018
The filmmakers of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind are offering fans the chance to "sponsor" a clip from DS9 in High Definition. The documentary originally planned to remaster five minutes of clips but could have all twenty minutes of clips remastered in high definition for the documentary. Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner have also been announced as the composers of the documentary score. [3]
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Detail of an Issued Design Patent

Design patents are a type of patent issued under United States of America law. (Other locations have similar protections but they are called different things.) The patent is granted based on the unique appearance or concept of an item rather than its "usefulness". Design patents typically are sought for items where the appearance is as - or more - important than the underlying craftsmanship itself. So, things like jewelry, toys, furniture, car parts, etc. are frequently granted design patents.

Design patents have a life in the US of fourteen years from the date of issuance. Their main usefulness is as a supplement to copyright protections. Whereas someone claiming a copyright in a work can prevent actual copies being made, a design patent can more easily be used to prevent the unauthorized creation of similar items which are not actually copies. Neither protection is absolute, but some counsel believe that having both is important where even the hint of similar design is a threat to the value of the original design.

From 1978 through 1987, Paramount Pictures sought and obtained various design patents for Star Trek designs. There seem to have been no other filings after 1987, and Paramount's legal department instead probably feels comfortable with existing copyright protections.

In each instance of a design patent at least one "inventor" has to be listed. The inventor can never be the corporation, it has to be an individual or individuals. It is sometimes interesting to see who gets credit for what on the official documents.
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