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14 March 2018
Stephen Hawking, the only person in Star Trek history to actively portray himself (in TNG: "Descent"), has died, aged 76. [1]
12 March 2018
Director Robert Scheerer, who helmed more than a dozen episodes of the Star Trek franchise, died on 3 March aged 89, as reported today. [2]
3 March 2018
Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star David Ogden Stiers has died, aged 75. [3]
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Kronos One

Kronos One, a K't'inga-class battle cruiser

The K't'inga-class battle cruiser was the primary class of warship in service with the Klingon Imperial Fleet from the late 23rd century through the late 24th century.

Introduced in the early 2270s, the K't'inga-class cruiser was considered one of the most powerful warships in the Klingon Defense Forces, even serving as a flagship of the Imperial Fleet for a time during the 2290s.

K't'inga-class cruisers were in service as early as 2272, when the Epsilon IX station recorded the destruction of three K't'inga-class vessels by the V'Ger entity. Starfleet's interest in the K't'inga-class cruiser was such that in 2285 the class of ship appeared in the Kobayashi Maru training scenario at Starfleet Academy. Interest in these vessels by the Federation would continue to appear well into the 2370s, as data on this class would commonly be found within numerous Starfleet files.

For nearly a century, the K't'inga-class cruiser proved to be a rugged, sturdy design that saw continuous use. In that they were much like their Federation counterparts the Excelsior and Miranda-class starships, whose usefulness out-lived contemporaries such as the Constitution-class cruiser.

With marked improvements, these warships saw continuous use as front line and border patrol ships throughout the Second Klingon-Federation War and the Dominion War of the early-2370s. They were not always the ship of choice for all missions, however, as more agile craft like the Klingon Bird-of-Prey were better suited for some tasks.
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Bashir meets Data

Commander Data, I presume? Doctor Julian Bashir and Data meet in 2369.

Commander Data, I presume? Doctor Julian Bashir and Data meet in 2369.
(TNG: "Birthright, Part I")

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