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Polynesian referred to anything originating from the Polynesian Islands on Earth, including the Polynesian people.

Henry Starling kept a small statue of a woman dressed in a grass skirt, a staple of Polynesian culture, on his desk. (VOY: "Future's End")

In 2373, Neelix recreated a Polynesian-style luau program on the holodeck including Hawaiian shirts. (VOY: "Alter Ego")

Polynesian explorers


According to writer Ronald D. Moore in an interview on the DS9 Season 6 DVD, he had hoped to establish the USS Sutherland crew as maintaining a number of Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions.
According to, the scene of people seen traveling in a primitive ship in the Enterprise opening credits was meant to show ancient Polynesians, which the site notes were among the first to explore the open oceans in their outrigger canoes. [X]wbm

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