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Below is a list of characters who have made recurring appearances or mentions in the Star Trek: Enterprise series novels from Pocket Books.

This article lists non-canon information. Additions to the brief character definitions listed here should include only a list of appearances and a short definition of their status as of their last appearance in this series. Other non-canon appearances will not be listed here. If you want to read about their canon information, their names will be hyperlinked to their main article. The specifics of non-canon characters' appearances should be listed in the character section of each audio production, novel, comic book, or game in which they played a role.

Regular charactersEdit

Jonathan Archer
Starfleet captain, CO, Enterprise NX-01.
Charles Anthony "Trip" Tucker III
Former Starfleet commander, chief engineer, Enterprise, NX-01.
Starfleet commander, science officer, Enterprise, NX-01.
Malcolm Reed
Starfleet lieutenant, armory officer, Enterprise, NX-01.
Hoshi Sato
Starfleet ensign, communications officer, Enterprise, NX-01.
Travis Mayweather
Starfleet ensign, helmsman, Enterprise, NX-01.
Denobulan medical doctor, chief medical officer, Enterprise, NX-01.

Recurring charactersEdit

Hravishran th'Zoarhi
Formerly of the Andorian Imperial Guard.
Donna "D.O." O'Neill
Lieutenant, third watch commander, Enterprise, NX-01.
Aenar female, love interest of Shran.
Aenar male, bond mate of Jhamel, and three other Aenar.
Valdore i'Kaleh tr'Irrhaimehn
Romulan admiral.
Disgraced Romulan senator.
Erehin i'Ramnau tr'Avrak
Romulan warp seven scientist.
Dr. Erehin's assistant, Trip Tucker's alter ego.
Formerly Vulcan Captain Sopec, Romulan dissident leader and double agent.
Vulcan minister.
Vulcan ambassador.
Vulcan ambassador.
Vulcan ambassador.
Gregory Black
Starfleet admiral.
Sam Gardner
Starfleet admiral.
George Casey
MACO general.
Fiona McKenzie
MACO sergeant.
Hideaki Chang
MACO corporal.
David McCammon
MACO corporal.
Nathan Samuels
Prime Minister of United Earth.
Haroun al-Rashid
Interior Minister of United Earth.
Kalev: Coridanite Chancellor.
Coridanite ambassador to Earth.
Gora bin Gral
Tellarite ambassador to Earth.
Anlenthoris ch'Vhendreni
Andorian ambassador to Earth.
Operative of Starfleet's Section 31.
Tinh Hoc Phuong
Section 31 field operative.
Green-skinned alien pirate, hired by Section 31.
Charlie and Elaine Tucker
Parents of Trip, Elizabeth, and Albert Tucker.
Albert Edward "Bert" Tucker
Brother of Trip and Elizabeth Tucker, son of Charlie and Elaine.
Miguel Cristiano Salazar
Husband of Albert Tucker.
Gannet Brooks
Earth reporter, Starfleet Intelligence operative.
Administrator, Adigeon Prime.
Adigeon "carver" or plastic surgeon.

Other charactersEdit

Jake Sisko
Human civilian, son of Benjamin Sisko.
Best friend of Jake Sisko, Starfleet officer.
Jake Sisko's pet cat, named for Constable Odo.
Larry Marvick
Designer of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), student of Charles Tucker III.