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Platz Co., Ltd. is a Japanese model kit manufacturer founded in April 2000. Aside from being a developer and manufacturer of model kits, the company also serves as a distributor of Japanese made and imported model kit products, as well as related products such as books and DVD's dealing with the subject. The company is located in the city of Shizuoka.

Star Trek releasesEdit

AMTErtl-Platz company logo 2010

In 2010 Platz was sub-licensed by Round 2 LLC to release four former AMT/Ertl Star Trek model kits as limited editions for the Japanese market only. The kits were marketed under the name "Platz-AMT/ERTL", though the "ERTL" component was by that time no longer applicable, it already been split off a decade earlier. The four Platz kits came in boxes with differing boxart, and Platz' own contribution was the inclusion of enhanced and more detailed decal sheets. As of 2013, Platz has been the only company that has been given an international model kit sub-license, as Round 2 LLC administers the international marketing of their products themselves.

The company also marketed the F-Toys and Johnny Lightning miniatures lines in Japan.

Platz Star Trek releases
Item Scale Release Item No. Notes Boxart
USS Enterprise-B 1:1000 2010 GDS8136 with improved decals AMT-Platz Model kit GDS8136 USS Enterprise-B 2010
USS Enterprise-C 1:1400 GDS8137 with improved decals AMT-Platz Model kit GDS8137 USS Enterprise-C 2010
USS Enterprise-D GDS8138 with improved decals AMT-Platz Model kit GDS8138 USS Enterprise-D 2010
USS Enterprise-E GDS8139 with improved decals AMT-Platz Model kit GDS8139 USS Enterprise-E 2010
For the other individual AMT/Ertl Star Trek model kits, see AMT/Ertl.

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