Plasma coolant, first contact

Release of plasma coolant

Plasma coolant tank schematic

A schematic of the plasma coolant tanks aboard the Enterprise-E

Plasma coolant was a substance used to regulate the operating temperature of a starship's warp core. Without it, the system could overheat or fail completely.

Borg queen dissolves in plasma coolant

The Borg Queen dissolves in the plasma coolant

Plasma coolant was considered a biohazard and would react violently with organic matter, liquefying it on contact. The USS Enterprise-E's warp core had two plasma coolant tanks. (Star Trek: First Contact)

A coolant leak was known to either cause or be the precursor to a warp core breach. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"; Star Trek Generations)

In 2374, one of USS Voyager's coolant injectors ruptured, causing a plasma coolant leak. (VOY: "Day of Honor")

Background information Edit

Coolant dangers aboard a starship have also been depicted in TOS: "Balance of Terror".

The loss of plasma coolant causing adverse effects to the warp core does not seem to apply to the USS Enterprise-E. In Star Trek: First Contact, when Data breached the primary coolant tank in main engineering, it did not appear to have any adverse affect on the engines, even though the warp core was powered. It is possible that Starfleet engineered a solution to this problem by having two tanks so that in the event of the failure of one, not all the coolant would be lost. It can also be hypothesized that since the warp engines were not active during the "First Contact incident", the rupture of one of the two visible plasma coolant tanks was not sufficient to cause a thermal overload of the warp core reaction chamber.

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