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Planet Q was an inhabited planet close to Cygnia Minor and Benecia.

As part of the Galactic Cultural Exchange Project, the Karidian Company of Players performed an Arcturian version of Macbeth on Planet Q in 2266. At that time, Doctor Thomas Leighton, a resident of Planet Q and old friend of Captain James Kirk, sent a signal to the Enterprise, informing Kirk that he had discovered an extraordinary new synthetic food, which would end the threat of famine on nearby Cygnia Minor. It was soon discovered, however, that Leighton had lied about the discovery in order to lure the Enterprise to Planet Q to convince Kirk that he had found Kodos the Executioner. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

According to Star Trek: Star Charts, in 2378, Planet Q was a Federation member. ("United Federation of Planets I") The Planet Q system was left unnamed. The system was located in or near Federation space, and was a single star system. The primary was a F-class star with a magnitude of +5, which was the same brightness as Sol. ("United Federation of Planets III")

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