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Pinar was a deputy in the Bajoran Militia assigned to Deep Space 9.

He was on duty when the 18 year old Molly O'Brien was held in the station's brig in 2374. He deactived the cell's force field when the Molly continued to shock herself against the field to prevent her from harming herself.

Pinar was knocked out when given a shot from a hypo by Miles O'Brien when he broke Molly out of her cell when he kidnapped her to take her back to Golana.

After the O'Brien's were caught trying to steal a runabout, Odo instructed Lieutenant Jones to find out if Pinar had regained consciousness because he was going to need to get a statement from him. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

Pinar was played by Shaun Bieniek.

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