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Rokeg blood pie

A Rokeg blood pie

"Pies, pies, Some are meat, some are sweet."
– The pie vendor's sales pitch, 2365 ("Elementary, Dear Data")
For the Greek letter, see Pi.

Pie was a dessert composed of a fruit or other flavored substance baked inside a flaky pastry crust. (citation needededit)

Homemade pies were among the offerings in Eva's Kitchen, a 20th century Earth restaurant. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

In 2270, Montgomery Scott's threat to report Arex and M'Ress's suspected misbehavior was interrupted when the food synthesizer threw a pie in his face. (TAS: "The Practical Joker")

In a 2365 round of the Sherlock Holmes Program 3A, a pie vendor hawked his wares. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

Neelix thought about making a delicious pie with waterplums, shortly before Talli was murdered. (VOY: "Random Thoughts")

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