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A physicist is an individual type of scientist who specializes in the field of physics.

In 2267, Leonard McCoy claimed that he was neither a scientist or a physicist, asking Spock whether anything that generated electricity could be short circuited. The Vulcan confirmed this. (TOS: "Metamorphosis")

Freeman Dyson was a 20th century physicist who postulated the theory that an enormous hollow sphere could be constructed around a star, which could harness all the radiant energy of that star, providing any population living on the interior would have virtually inexhaustible sources of power. (TNG: "Relics")

Pell Underhill was a 22nd century physicist who conjectured that a major disruption in time continuity could be compensated for by trillions of counter-reactions. (TNG: "Clues")

Ketteract was a 23rd century Starfleet physicist who synthesized the first Omega molecule. (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

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