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Photosensitivity was a medical condition in which a lifeform was sensitive to light.

After a symbiotic lifeform captured several members of the Enterprise NX-01 crew in 2152, Doctor Phlox was able to determine that the creature was highly photosensitive, resulting in a security team using EM emitters to weaken the creature. (ENT: "Vox Sola")

The neural parasites encountered by the USS Enterprise in 2266 were found to be extremely photosensitive. Visible and ultraviolet light were both fatal to the organisms. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

In 2367, Susanna Leijten developed an extreme sensitivity to light during the early stages of her exposure to the Tarchannen III parasite. (TNG: "Identity Crisis")

The Night Aliens were an extremely photosensitive species. Native to the Void region of the Delta Quadrant, the species' physiology evolved to survive in complete darkness. When one of the species was being treated in the sickbay on board the USS Voyager, The Doctor needed to dim the lights in order to accommodate the needs of the alien. (VOY: "Night")

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