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Photon pulse, The Outcast

A photon pulse fired from a type 4 phaser

A type 4 phaser was a small ship-mounted phaser of a type used on shuttlecraft.

In 2368, type 4 phasers were not normally installed on type 6 shuttlecraft but could be fitted for special purposes. The phasers were located on the forward tips of the two warp nacelles. The Magellan, a shuttle from the USS Enterprise-D, was equipped with type 4 phaser emitters in order to chart the null space in the J'naii star system with a series of photon pulses. (TNG: "The Outcast")

In the original pencil drawings of the hand-held compression phaser rifle, it was also designated as a type IV phaser. [1] uses a picture of the type 8 shuttlecraft firing its phasers to depict the type 4 phaser, suggesting its armaments also share this designation. [2]

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