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Phaser control room

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Phaser Control Room

Spock, Tomlinson, and Stiles in the Enterprise's phaser room

The phaser control room was a section aboard Constitution-class starships responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the ship's phaser weapons.

In 2266, the phaser room of the USS Enterprise sustained heavy damage in battle with a Romulan Bird-of-Prey, causing the majority of the crewmembers stationed there to be injured and require treatment in sickbay. This left Lieutenant Robert Tomlinson manning the room alone, although he was later supplemented by Lieutenant Stiles. Due to the battle damage, a phaser coolant seal was breached, causing the room to fill up with the toxic substance. This resulted in Tomlinson and Stiles both losing consciousness. Although Stiles was saved by Spock, Tomlinson died as a result of his exposure. (TOS: "Balance of Terror")

The phaser control room is a redress of the engineering set. The phaser panel was borrowed from the same set – it is the panel at which Kevin Riley sits in both of his series appearances and it is also the console Kirk used to disable Khan's planned destruction of the ship in "Space Seed". This panel was moved in season two, when an alcove and doorway replaced this spot.

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