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Phase inverter

Captain Janeway examines a phase inverter

A phase inverter was a component of various technologies, including deuterium pumps and data crystals.

In 2151, Commander Charles Tucker, chief engineer of the Enterprise NX-01, warned Maklii, a deuterium miner, to be cautious of the phase inverters utilized in the pumps which Tucker had helped Maklii repair, as the inverters had a tendency to depolarize. (ENT: "Marauders")

Idanians would utilize phase inverters embedded in data crystals in order to prevent the information stored on the crystal from being decoded by unauthorized users. Such a crystal was discovered by Constable Odo in 2373, during his investigation into the murder of an Idanian named Tauvid Rem. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

In 2377, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, chief of security for the USS Voyager, discovered a phase inverter designed to cause a system overload interfaced with the shield generator of a ship racing in the first running of the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, during his investigation into an apparent accident which severely injured one of the ship's pilots, Joxom. It was later discovered that Irina, Joxom's copilot, had covertly installed the inverter, in an attempt to sabotage the fragile peace treaty, which the Rally was celebrating. (VOY: "Drive")

Types of phase invertersEdit

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