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The term phase can either refer to a state of matter (see Phases of Matter below), or it can refer to the phase property associated with wave mechanics. In wave mechanics, waves of the same medium which are out-of-phase will attenuate each other (in a fashion that is dependent on their other respective wave properties) by way of destructive interference. Conversely, waves which are in-phase will reinforce each other by way of constructive interference.

Phases of matter

On Earth, the first three phases to be documented were researched by the Ancient Greeks. They include:

As Human scientific knowledge developed, a fourth state was added: plasma.

Both matter and antimatter can exist in these phases.

Phase technologies

The term is also found in various production resources as part of the acronym for Phaser (PHASed Energy Rectification).


Dialog about the interphasic organisms indicates that interphase is a state out of phase. The temporal disruptor may therefore be an interphase technology.



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