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Peter Levin is a sound mixer and re-recording engineer who worked as whale sound specialist on the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "Tin Man" with composer Jay Chattaway.

In the early and mid 1990s, Levin worked as music copyist on films such as the drama Malcolm X (1992), the drama The Inkwell (1994), the drama Crooklyn (1994, starring Alfre Woodard), the drama Get On The Bus (1996), and the television series Rocko's Modern Life (1996).

Since 1997 he also worked as sound editor and sound supervisor on projects such as the independent film Central Standard Time (1997), the comedy Tomorrow Night (1998), the romance Snow Days (1999), the documentaries Dark Days (2000) and The Buffalo War (2001), the romance Ordinary Sinner (2001), the drama K (2002), the documentary Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory (2003), the drama Shelter (2003), the documentary Parallel Lines (2004), the independent film Road (2005), the documentary Home (2005), the comedy A-List (2006), the television series Dr. Danger (2006), the drama I Believe in America (2007), the documentary The Visitors (2009), the drama Multiple Sarcasms (2010), and the music documentary Rise and Dream (2011).

More recently Levin worked on the television series Love and Hip Hop (2011), The A-List: New York (2011), The A-List: Dallas (2011), Independent Lens (2009-2012), and P.O.V. (2011-2012) and on the documentary After Tiller (2013).

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