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The daily log of Seven of Nine contained log entries kept while she lived aboard the starship USS Voyager. (Star Trek: Voyager)

Entries Edit

2374 Edit

In a rare mistake, Jeri Ryan says the stardate as 15781.2. According to the shooting script, the intended stardate was actually 51781.2. [1]
  • "Personal Log, Seven of Nine, Stardate 51932.4. The twenty ninth day in the Mutara class nebula. I believe I'm beginning to feel the effects of this prolonged isolation. My dreams have been disturbing. But I'm determined to fulfill my responsibilities. With The Doctor confined to Sickbay, I have taken on increasing duties. Ship's systems are beginning to require constant maintenance in order to avert disaster. This morning I must purge the auxiliary plasma vents. End log." (VOY: "One")
  • "Daily Log, Seven of Nine, Stardate 51981.6. I've analyzed the quantum slipstream technology of the Dauntless. It is similar to the transwarp drive used by the Borg. As a result, my expertise will be crucial to the mission's success. Voyager's crew is counting on that success but I find myself ambivalent, so I'm carrying out my assignment, nothing more. If we do return to Sector 001, will I adapt to Human civilization? A single Borg among billions of individuals?" (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

2375 Edit

  • "Daily Log, Seven of Nine. While we failed to locate a new source of deuterium our mission had educational value for at least one member of the crew." (VOY: "Bliss")

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