The personal log of Kathryn Janeway contained log entries kept while she commanded the starship USS Voyager.



  • "Personal Log, Stardate 48546.2. Our journey home is several weeks old now, and I have begun to notice in my crew and in myself, a subtle change as the reality of our situation settles in. Here in the Delta Quadrant, we are virtually the entire family of man. We are more than a crew and I must find a way to be more than a captain to these people, but it's not clear to me exactly how to begin." (VOY: "The Cloud")


  • "Kathryn Janeway's Personal Log, Stardate 49690.1. Day 24 of our stay on the planet we've named 'New Earth'. As yet I've been unable to make any progress in finding a cure for our illness, but a soak in the tub Chakotay built always helps me focus on possible solutions." (VOY: "Resolutions")

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