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Penno was a photometric character in the Vori Larhana Settlement simulation. This was part of a brainwashing simulation used to influence Chakotay with psychological conditioning and training to hate the Kradin, who the Vori were at war with.

Penno was kindly elderly gentleman who was grandfather to a young girl named Karya, another character in the simulation. Penno help nurse Chakotay's wounds. He told him about the atrocities the Kradin had done. Penno's village was captured by the Kradin and he was sent off to an extermination camp by them. This was witnessed by Chakotay and he vowed revenge against the Kradin. Chakotay was later rescued by Tuvok who convinced him that he had been brainwashed, by taking him back to the same village simulation where he was again greeted by the Penno character. (VOY: "Nemesis")

Penno was played by actor Booth Colman.

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