The Pendari were a humanoid race in the Delta Quadrant.

The Pendari lived on the planet Pendari in the Pendari system. They had close ties to their neighbors, the Norcadians, and were also big fans of the Norcadian game Tsunkatse, at which they excelled due to their superior physical strength. According to Tom Paris and Harry Kim, Pendari were well known for their bad temper, as Pendari Tsunkatse fighters occasionally threw their opponents into the stands.

In 2376, while the USS Voyager visited Norcadia Prime, Captain Janeway and several others went on an away mission to the Pendari system. While they were gone, Seven of Nine was kidnapped by Penk and forced to fight in the Tsunkatse matches. In her first match, she fought against the reigning champion, a Pendari male, to whom she lost. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")


No Pendari were ever assigned names in canon productions.