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You may also be looking for Vidiian doctor Denara Pel.

Pel was a Ferengi female who disguised herself as a male to prove that females were capable of making profit.

Posing as a male, Pel worked at Quark's on Deep Space 9 in 2370. She advised Quark to stock Gramilian sand peas as a bar snack to increase profits. She later assisted Quark in trade meetings with the Dosi to purchase Tulaberry wine. Her advice was instrumental in obtaining an extended contact with the Dosi. However, she would end up falling in love with Quark, to the point where she kissed Quark on their mission to the Dosi homeworld.

Rom, who was jealous of Pel, ultimately exposed her as a female. At first, Grand Nagus Zek was going to have Pel and Quark arrested, because it was against Ferengi law to take financial advice from a female, but Quark pointed out to the Nagus that he, too, was guilty, as he had also taken advice from her. She told Quark that she loved him, but he tells her he would not be happy with a non-traditional Ferengi wife.

Pel then left the station, as there was no place for a clothed Ferengi female with good business sense. (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition")

Pel was played by Hélène Udy.
The character also appears in the Seven Deadly Sins novelette "Reservoir Ferengi".

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