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Paxau resort

Paxau resort

The Paxau Resort was an exclusive and luxurious retreat on Talax. Catering to the desires of the wealthy, privileged -- or well-connected -- few, the Paxau Resort was a haven from the cares of the galaxy. Guests were free to relax and enjoy a massage, delicious food, the finest beverages, or partake in pleasurable activities of a more personal nature. Although difficult to get into, the Paxau Resort was reputed to be one of the finest examples of cultured decadence in the entire Delta Quadrant.

Neelix created a holodeck program of the resort for use of the USS Voyager crew in 2373 under the file "Tropical Resort Simulation 3". Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and B'Elanna Torres reconfigured the program by introducing elements from Earth's resorts. (VOY: "Warlord", "Darkling")

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