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For the prime reality counterpart, please see Pavel Chekov.
"Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich, sir."
– Pavel Chekov to Christopher Pike, 2258 (Star Trek)

Pavel Andreievich Chekov was a child prodigy and a Starfleet ensign for the Federation, assigned as a navigator to the USS Enterprise in 2258, at the age of seventeen.

In the script of Star Trek, Chekov was once referred to, in a scene description, as being eighteen years old in 2258. However, a later reference in the scripted dialogue, which was retained in the movie and is the only line that establishes his age in the final version of the film, referred to him as seventeen in that year. Also in the script, Chekov had the middle initial "H." rather than the middle name "Andreievich". Additionally, in an ultimately unused line of dialogue from the script, he was referred to, by Kirk, as the Enterprise's tactical officer. [1]


Early lifeEdit

Pavel Chekov, son of Andrei Chekov, was born in 2241. Originating from Russia, he spoke with a heavy Eastern European accent, which caused him difficulty when speaking to Starfleet computer systems; his authorization code aboard the Enterprise – "9-5-Victor-Victor-2" – was particularly difficult for him to pronounce.

According to his dossier at the official Star Trek movie website, Chekov was top of his class in stellar cartography and transporter theory, an expert in advanced theoretical physics, and the youngest cadet in history to win the Starfleet Academy marathon.
According to the script of Star Trek, Chekov graduated from Starfleet Academy at the age of seventeen. [2]

Starfleet careerEdit

Navigator of the USS EnterpriseEdit

Pavel Chekov (alternate reality)

Chekov at his station on the bridge of the Enterprise

In 2258, Chekov was the navigator assigned to the Enterprise during her impromptu maiden voyage - an emergency mission to protect the planet Vulcan from attack by the time travelling war criminal, Nero.

Departing Earth's Starbase 1, Captain Christopher Pike addressed Chekov as "Russian whiz-kid", ordering the ensign to use the comm to brief the Enterprise crew on the task at hand. As the Enterprise confronted Nero, Chekov used his superior mathematical skills to calculate the coordinates for beaming faster than the computer - allowing him to personally transport James T. Kirk and Hikaru Sulu back aboard the Enterprise before they fell into the singularity created on Vulcan by Nero.

Remaining in the transporter room, Chekov also transported Spock, Sarek and the surviving members of the Vulcan High Council from the surface of Vulcan. He was, however, unable to save Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, before she fell to her death.

Pavel Chekov operates the transporter

Chekov saves Kirk's and Sulu's lives

After the destruction of Vulcan, Chekov devised a way to beam Kirk and Commander Spock to the Narada, without Nero knowing the Enterprise was in proximity to his ship. Chekov's plan required the Enterprise to drop out of warp] near Titan, one of Saturn's moons, which hid the obscured the ship from the Romulans' sensors, allowing Kirk and Spock to successfully beam over undetected. Chekov's plan was ultimately instrumental in saving Earth.

After the defeat of Nero, Chekov served again as navigator under newly promoted Captain James T. Kirk and left with the crew to explore space. (Star Trek)

Kirk promotes Chekov STID

Kirk promotes Chekov to chief engineer

One year later, Chekov was still serving in his role as navigator when the Enterprise was ordered to monitor the inhabitants of Nibiru. Shortly after the Nibiru mission, Chekov was temporarily promoted to chief engineering officer after the departure of Montgomery Scott. Upon learning of his promotion, Chekov expressed apprehension about donning a red shirt.

Before the Enterprise could reach its destination of Qo'noS, Chekov discovered a coolant leak in the warp core and was forced to drop the ship out of warp manually. Assured by Kirk that the coolant leak was likely the result of sabotage, Chekov succeeded in the repairing the warp drive, allowing the Enterprise to avoid an initial attack by Section 31's USS Vengeance. The Vengeance, however, was able to catch up to the Enterprise and quickly crippled the ship, sending it into Earth's gravitational pull.

Chekov on the bridge STID

Chekov back at his post and tracking Harrison

Catching a dangling Kirk and Scott before they plummeted to their deaths aboard the foundering Enterprise, Chekov reestablished the ship's power systems before it crashed into the surface, then retook his post on the bridge to aid in the hunt for and eventual capture of John Harrison.

Almost a year later, Chekov attended a memorial service for those who died and resumed his role as navigator on the repaired Enterprise when it embarked on the first five-year mission. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Key datesEdit

Memorable quotesEdit

"Russian wizkid, what's your name? Chanko? Cherpov?"
"Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich, sir."
"Fine, Chekov, Pavel Andreievich, begin ship-wide mission broadcast."
"Yes, sir. Happy to."

- Christopher Pike and Pavel Chekov. (Star Trek)

"Ensign authorization code Nine-Five-Wictor-Wictor-Two."
"Authorization not recognized."
"Ensign authorization code Nine-Five... Victor... Victor-Two."

- Pavel Chekov, accessing the ship's all-call system and the Enterprise computer. (Star Trek)

"Move, move, move, move, move! I can do that! I can do that! Move, move, move, move!"

- Pavel Chekov, while running to the transporter controls to save a freefalling Kirk and Sulu. (Star Trek)

"Ё моё!" (Russian exclamatory expression pronounced "Yo moyo!", meaning "Oh man!" [3])

- Pavel Chekov, after successfully transporting a plummeting Kirk and Sulu from Vulcan's atmosphere. (Star Trek)

Appendices Edit

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

Chekov was played by Anton Yelchin.

Chekov's age in 2258 places his birth in 2241, which is different from the birth of his prime universe counterpart in 2245 (according to TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais?").

In the screenplay of Star Trek, Chekov at one point physically fought with Kirk, about to stun him with Chekov's own phaser. However, he was assaulted by Kirk in retaliation, causing Chekov to drop his phaser, before Kirk was finally subdued by Spock. [4]

Apocrypha Edit

Female Chekov IDW

His female counterpart

In the Star Trek video game, an audio log can be found in engineering where Chekov mentions he ran away at a young age to join Starfleet. One of the game's scenes involves the rescue of an injured Chekov, who must be helped to sickbay, but is still able to defend Kirk and Spock from the invading Gorn with his phaser.

According to the Star Trek iTunes movie app, Chekov was born in Tagnarog, Russia (the real-life home of Anton Chekhov). His mother's name was Anna (who is now deceased). His family spent several years at the Mare Imbrium colony on Luna. He graduated from Moscow State University in 2256, where he then enlisted in Starfleet, graduating from the Academy in 2258. It should be noted that he beat Big Blue in a game of 3D chess. Chekov received a special commendation for bravery in the line of duty during Enterprise's recent mission to Pollux IV.

According to the 2011 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy novel "The Gemini Agent", Chekov liked to run on the academy grounds barefoot. Due to his youth, he was often treated like a little brother by the older girls in his dorm. He was also known in the underground web for being a white hat hacker.

According to "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 1", issue 25 of Star Trek: Ongoing, in 2261, Chekov was promoted to Lieutenant.

The 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals is using his pictures for card #79 "Ensign P. Chekhov" and card #95 "Acting Engineer P. Chekhov".

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