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Paul S. Eckstein, also credited as Paul Eckstein, is an actor who has made several appearances on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, always in mask and heavy make-up. Over a period of time he played two Jem'Hadar, two Hirogen, a Klingon and others. In addition, he provided voices for the video game Star Trek: Armada.

Eckstein made his television debut on Law & Order starring Carolyn McCormick in the episode "Consultation" which paired Eckstein with future DS9 co-star Andrew Robinson. The episode also included VOY and ENT guest star Keith Szarabajka. In the short film Ripple(1994), Eckstein would work with another DS9 co-star, Colm Meaney as well as Megan Gallagher, Ed Lauter and Robert Picardo. Eckstein would follow up this with 1995's Suspect Device with Bill Bolender. That same year Eckstien played an un-named paramedic in the thriller Se7en with Reg E. Cathey and Leland Orser. 1996 found Eckstien working with Lawrence Monoson in Black Rose of Harlem. In the period film Hoodlum(1997), Eckstein was joined by Ed O'Ross, Mike Starr, Clarence Williams III and Vanessa Williams. Also that year was a role in another mob film, Bella Mafia with Gina Philips.

Outside acting, Eckstein has worked as a writer on the short-lived First Wave starring Rob LaBelle on various episodes. Eckstein also co-wrote with Joe Menosky, the episode "Zion" for Stephen King's Dead Zone created by Michael Piller and Shawn Piller and starring Nicole de Boer and David Ogden Stiers, guest-starring Mark Rolston. Eckstein co-wrote the episode "Boots on the Ground" for Law & Order:Criminal Intent in which Jeri Ryan guested. Eckstein served as story editor on Street Time for the episode "Born to Kill" guest-starring Daniel Dae Kim.

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