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Patterson Supra was one of three children aboard the USS Enterprise-D who, in 2368, were rewarded for winning the primary school science fair with a tour of the ship conducted by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. For his project, Patterson, in his words, "planted radishes, in this special dirt, and they came up all weird."

Patterson won with his project and was disappointed to find out that the tour would include hydroponics and astrophysics, but not the battle bridge or the torpedo bay. The tour was interrupted when the Enterprise-D struck a series of quantum filaments. Picard appointed Patterson his executive officer in charge of radishes. After the crisis was resolved and the children returned to safety Captain Picard rewarded them for their brave conduct by promising to resume the tour, this time starting with the battle bridge. (TNG: "Disaster")

Patterson Supra was played by actor Max Supera.
Although not mentioned on screen, the character's surname was printed on the front of a commemorative plaque given to Captain Picard. On the plaque, his name was spelled "Paterson".
According to the script, Patterson Supra was six years old, placing his birth in 2362.

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