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Patrick "Pat" A. Jankiewicz is an actor and publicist who appeared alongside his brother Donald R. Jankiewicz as a Hanonian native in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes "Basics, Part I" and "Basics, Part II". He received no credit for these appearances.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Jankiewicz is also the brother of screenwriter Tom Jankiewicz. Several interviews by him were published in issues of Star Trek Magazine, including "The Apple of Our Eye" with Celeste Yarnall in Star Trek Magazine issue 116, "Ensign Expendable" with Paul Carr in Star Trek Magazine issue 123, "Be My Guest" with Tanya Lemani George in Star Trek Magazine issue 125, and "Up Above the Gods" with Gary Lockwood in Star Trek Magazine issue 140. Yet, he started out as a prolific interviewer between 1991 and 1996 for the Starlog Press publications, writing interviews for their magazines such as one with Robert L. McCullough for the February 1993 issue of Starlog, titled "Man & Pakled", among numerous others.

Career outside Star Trek Edit

Beside his work on Star Trek he appeared together with his brother in the comedy series Culture Clash (1994), the mystery film Lamb to the Slaughter (2002), the action comedy The Rundown (2003, starring The Rock), and the comedy series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (2007 and 2009).

Other appearances include the comedy Beethoven's 2nd (1993, with Jeff Corey and William Schallert), the comedy Quiet Days in Hollywood (1997, with Jeremy Roberts), the mystery drama K-PAX (2001, with Alfre Woodard, Mary Mara, William Lucking, Kelly Connell, Scott Lincoln, Frank Collison, Clete Francis, Joseph Steven, and Julie Sands), the comedy series The Sarah Silverman Program (2008, starring Sarah Silverman), the short horror film Cleansed (2008), the comedy American High School (2009, with Davida Williams), and the short comedy When Life Gives You Lemons (2010).

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