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Patrick Gibson was the name used by a USS Voyager crewman in the holoprogram Fair Haven created by Tom Paris.

When Michael Sullivan used The Doctor's mobile emitter to visit Voyager, he spotted two crewmen in the corridor, whom he recognized as Patrick Gibson and his cousin, Frank. Sullivan thought they worked on the wharf and said they visited his pub every Saturday night for the rings tournament. (VOY: "Spirit Folk")

It is possible, since other members of the Voyager crew used their real names while visiting Fair Haven, that these were their real names as well. It is unknown if they were really cousins. It is also possible that either of them is the same person as Gibson (Crewman).
Patrick Gibson was played by an unknown actor.

Appearances the unknown actor as Patrick Gibson or his cousin Frank with red jacketEdit

He appeared between other crewmembers in Lyndsay Ballard's nightmare. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes")

He appeared in the history of Neelix at the mess hall with a plate in hand going to the bar food and also appears after sitting at table by the window. (VOY: "The Haunting of Deck Twelve")

Appearances the unknown actor as Patrick Gibson or his cousin Frank with yellow jacketEdit

He, Ayala and other crewmembers escorted The Doctor to the sickbay. (VOY: "Latent Image")

His bio-mimetic copy was present in the mess hall of the bio-mimetic copy of Voyager during the marriage feast of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris. (VOY: "Course: Oblivion")

He and other crewmembers are in the mess hall when takes place tournament ping-pong. (VOY: "Relativity")

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