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"If I see you as helpless children then how do you think the Borg see you? Or the Romulans, or the Klingons, or the Dominion? These empires look at the Federation and they see a prize – a prize that we have forgotten how to protect."

Pascal Fullerton was a Human and chairman of the New Essentialists movement, an organization dedicated to "restoring the moral traditions" of the Federation. Fullerton regularly held rallies on Risa, which he saw as the epitome of the decay of Federation values. He described himself as a professor, and had written several articles on the subject. He believed that focus on pleasure is just one example of how the Federations citizens have become soft and defenseless against attack from their enemies. In 2373 he visited Risa while Worf and Jadzia Dax were vacationing there.

Fullerton gave Worf New Essentialist literature and he attended the group's rally. Fullerton planned to stage a fake attack on Risa to demonstrate his point. Fullerton and his group sabotaged Risa's weather modification network to demonstrate how "complacent" Federation citizens had become. He did this with the help of Worf, who had rigged a tricorder to sabotage the grid which caused Risa to revert back to its normal rainy climate. Fullerton had also planned to disable Risa's seismology by sabotaging the planet's seismic regulators, which would have destroyed every structure on the surface. He was stopped by Jadzia and Worf, who had become disillusioned with his tactics. (DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

Pascal Fullerton was played by Monte Markham.

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