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Ensign Parton was an operations division Starfleet cadet who was a member of the prestigious Red Squad group during the early 2370s. In 2373, he was assigned to the training starship USS Valiant.

When the senior officers were killed in a battle with the Cardassian battle cruiser near El-Gatark, Parton, who was an engineer, worked on trying to repair the starship's damaged engines. Parton later worked under Nog when he joined the ship's crew.

Parton later assisted Nog in attempting to solve the Valiant's inability to reach high warp. After Nog took the safeties off the plasma intercooler, the flux moderator, and the pressurant control system, Parton agreed with Nog's changes, stating, "after spending seven months plodding along at warp 3.2, I'm willing to try anything," despite concerns addressed by Karen Farris.

He was later killed, along with majority of his comrades, when the Valiant was destroyed by a Jem'Hadar battleship. (DS9: "Valiant")

Parton was played by Scott Hamm.

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