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Parmak was a Cardassian doctor during the mid-24th century.

While he was working for the Obsidian Order, Elim Garak was responsible for interrogating Parmak, at which time Garak simply sat and stared at Parmak for four hours until the doctor confessed; reminded of the questioning by one-time Order head Enabran Tain, Garak swore he had never laid a hand on him, to which Tain responded that this was the best part of the story. Afterward Parmak kept saying "His eyes... his eyes." Parmak was later sentenced to three years in a labor camp and returned to Cardassia Prime upon his release. By the early 2370s, it was believed that he was practicing medicine again. (DS9: "The Die is Cast")

Parmak has appeared in the novels A Stitch in Time and The Crimson Shadow, where he is a friend of Garak and a supporter of Cardassian democracy. The latter novel gives Parmak the first name "Kelas".

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