Park Avenue was a street located in Manhattan, New York City.

In "Dangerous Ground", after spending six months at Hendler's Sanitarium on Long Island, Doctor John Rawley moved to the city to take up a position as junior analyst to an "almost legendary" analyst. Dr. Rawley became dissatisfied when he realized that he was helping the needs of the elite and wasn't spreading the benefits of psychiatry to a larger body of people. Faced with limited options in the city, Dr. Rawley decided to stake his future in psychiatry by purchasing a country doctor's practice in Berkshire County. There, he could heal his patient's mental health while tending to their physical needs. Upon settling matters, Dr. Rawley quit his position as junior analyst and headed to Fairbridge. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

The pages seen in the episode were from the mystery novel, Dangerous Ground, by author Frances Sil Wickware. This novel was published in 1946. Information on Park Avenue was from page 13.

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