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A list of episodes where we see a parallel universe. For a list of episodes that feature alternate timelines see Alternate timeline episodes. For a list of episodes that feature actual travel through time see Time travel episodes.

Star Trek: The Original Series Edit

Episode Destination Method
"The Alternative Factor" Minus universe Negative magnetic corridor
"Mirror, Mirror" Mirror universe Transporter malfunction/Ion storm
"The Tholian Web" Mirror universe (as revealed in "In a Mirror, Darkly") Interphasic rift

Star Trek: The Animated Series Edit

Episode Destination Method
"The Counter-Clock Incident" Reverse universe Beta Niobe supernova

Star Trek: The Next Generation Edit

Episode Destination Method
"Remember Me" Collapsing warp bubble Warp field experiment
"Parallels" Multiple parallel universes Quantum fissure

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Edit

Episode Destination Method
"Crossover" Mirror universe Warp field anomaly
"Through the Looking Glass" Mirror universe Multidimensional transporter
"Shattered Mirror" Mirror universe Multidimensional transporter
"Resurrection" Mirror universe Multidimensional transporter
"The Emperor's New Cloak" Mirror universe Multidimensional transporter

Star Trek: Voyager Edit

Episode Destination Method
"Scorpion", "Scorpion, Part II" Fluidic space Quantum singularity

Star Trek: Enterprise Edit

Episode Destination Method
"In a Mirror, Darkly" Mirror universe Interphasic rift
"In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" Mirror universe Interphasic rift

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