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Paradox Pollack is a choreographer and performance artist working as a "movement coach" for alien characters such as the aliens played by Kasia Kowalczyk, Douglas Tait, and Kimberly Arland on 2009's Star Trek. He also portrayed an alien in the movie, possibly a Romulan, although he could not say for sure. [1]

Pollack is specialized in various dance forms, stage combat, prosthetics, suit performances, and mo-cap appearances. He studied modern dance for ten years, theater in San Francisco, and stunt training under Joey Box and Vic Armstrong during his work on I Am Legend. He portrayed several characters in stage plays in Philadelphia and California and also worked as ringmaster and in other roles for varieté plays in Las Vegas.

Pollack worked on two feature films based on novels by Richard Matheson, What Dreams May Come (1998, with Rosalind Chao and Darlene Ava Williams) and as an infected victim, hunting down Will Smith's character, in the horror thriller I Am Legend (2007, with Salli Elise Richardson).

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