The Paradan government was the government of the Paradans. This was one of the factions in a civil war which began in 2358.

In 2370, the government would meet with the rebels at peace talks held aboard the space station Deep Space 9. Security arrangements were made between the government and the space station. Under the terms of the arrangements, one of the grounds for cancelling the peace talks was if the station received messages from the rebels.

That year, scientists employed by the government created a replicant of the station's Chief of Operations. The rebels believed the replicant was given the task of assassinating their peace delegation at the talks. The rebels were tipped off by an informant in the government about its plans. With this tip, and working off rumors of Miles O'Brien being abducted and replaced by his replicant, the rebels enlisted the aid of the station's senior staff in preventing the assassination and in the rescue of O'Brien. (DS9: "Whispers")

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