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Paq batlh

Texts from the paq'batlh

The paq'batlh was a large series of ancient Klingon scrolls and religious texts, that, among other things, passed on the stories of Kahless. Along the side of the scrolls were icons of the Klingon culture, such as bat'leths, d'k tahgs, and the emblem of the Empire.

Among the scrolls in the paq'batlh were Klavek's tomes. The Eleventh Tome of Klavek described how Kahless came back from the afterlife, and had kept a scar to show that what he'd experienced was real, so that he could save the soul of his brother. (VOY: "Barge of the Dead")

The paq'batlh seems to be the Klingon equivalent of the Christian Bible or the Dead Sea Scrolls. In the Klingon language devised by Marc Okrand, paq batlh means "the book's honor" or "the honor of the book". In a 2011 publication, Okrand describes the paq'batlh as meaning "the book of honor" in an ancient form of the language. (paq'batlh: The Klingon Epic,

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