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Kradin soldier a Kradin soldier

Pancho Demmings is an actor who played a Kradin soldier in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Nemesis".

Among his acting resume are films such as Equinox (1992, with Kerry Hoyt), The Fugitive (1993, with Andreas Katsulas, Daniel Roebuck, Richard Riehle, and stunts by Nick Dimitri, Diamond Farnsworth and Gary J. Wayton), Humanoids from the Deep (1996, with Mark Rolston, Clint Howard and Bert Remsen), Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998, with Andreas Katsulas, Reiner Schöne, Theodore Bikel, J. Patrick McCormack, Tricia O'Neil, Robin Sachs, Timothy Davis-Reed, Erica Mer and Mark Rafael Truitt), Very Bad Things (1998, with Christian Slater), The Shrink is In (2001), and The Seat Filler (2004, with Patrick Fischler).

Demmings has also appeared in television series such as Space: Above and Beyond (1995, with Lanei Chapman, Steven Anderson, Marnie McPhail, and Scott MacDonald), Lois & Clark (1996, with Teri Hatcher, K Callan, Keene Curtis, and Harve Presnell), Timecop (1998, starring Don Stark), Beverly Hills, 90210 (2000, with Michael Durrell), Alias (2003, with Erick Avari and John Eric Bentley), 24 (2006), Bones (2007), and a recurring role in Navy NCIS (2003-2005).

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