The Palamarian Freedom Brigade was a resistance movement established by General Nassuc as a means of obtaining the independence of one of the worlds formerly under the suzerainty of the Regent of Palamar.

In 2373, the struggle had intensified to such a degree that the Regent approached a pair of arms dealers, Hagath and Gaila, in order to obtain a means of eradicating 28 million people on the rebellious world. Prions or a mutagenic retrovirus were recommended as the most effective solutions.

In order to prevent this genocidal attempt, Quark clandestinely invited Nassuc and other members of the Palamarian Freedom Brigade to Deep Space 9. The two parties crossed paths aboard the station, and a firefight broke out in a cargo bay. The Regent was subsequently killed by a purification squad dispatched by Nassuc. (DS9: "Business as Usual")

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