Picard nerve pinch

Captain Picard giving Devor a Vulcan nerve pinch, causing him to experience pain

Garak collapses

Garak collapses in pain

Pain  was a feeling felt by most humanoids which was caused by intense or damaging stimuli, like stubbing a toe, being struck by a phaser, being punched, etc. Pain could also be emotional, like pain caused by grief or remorse.

The Vulcan nerve pinch was a pain-inducing technique most commonly carried out by Vulcans or the select few who had mastered it. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

One of the symptoms of the life prolongation project virus was great pain in the extremities. (TOS: "Miri")

Victims of Kodos the Executioner's massacre died quickly without pain. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

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