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P'Jem monastery

The monastery of P'Jem (2151)

P'Jem surveillance

The surveillance facility beneath P'Jem (2151)

P'Jem was a Vulcan monastery on a planet near Andoria, destroyed in 2152. The buildings dated from as far back as the 9th century BC, with Master Haadok having been one of the monastery's founders.

At one point in the 2130s, T'Pol visited the sanctuary of P'Jem and had the fullara ceremony performed on her. (ENT: "The Seventh")

In the 22nd century, the monastery was ransacked three times by the Andorians looking for a suspected sensor array. On the last of these occasions, in 2151, the Earth starship Enterprise visited P'Jem only to find it taken over by a group of Andorian commandos led by Shran. After some initial misunderstanding and a firefight, the commandos and the Enterprise landing party discovered a highly sophisticated surveillance installation in the catacombs beneath the monastery. Captain Archer gave his science officer's scans of the facility to Shran as evidence of the Vulcans' spying. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident")

Though the Andorians gave the monks and surveillance personnel ample warning before the eventual orbital bombardment, the Vulcan High Command blamed T'Pol, who was by then a subcommander, for allowing Archer to expose the facility and recalled her from Enterprise. They rescinded this decision following T'Pol's actions at Coridan. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem")

The repercussions back on Vulcan were longer lasting. The First Minister was dismissed, and the High Command forced the resignation of T'Pol's mother from the Vulcan Science Academy. The evidence of treason they used had been fabricated; even so, T'Pol had no way to restore her mother's position except by marrying into Koss's influential family. (ENT: "Home")

Arev identified Archer as the man who was responsible for the destruction of the monastery on P'Jem after he learned that T'Pol was the daughter of T'Les. (ENT: "The Forge")

The large double doors that served as P'Jem's entrance were a reuse of the doors to the Klingon High Council chamber in ENT: "Broken Bow".
It is unknown whether the the planet on which P'Jem was situated is also called P'Jem. Nor is the function of the destroyed buildings clear for the twelve centuries they stood prior to the availability of Surak's ideas for contemplation and practice.
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 45, this planet was located in the Luyten's Star system. It was a stop on the Vulcan trade routes in the 22nd century. P'Jem was located in the Beta Quadrant.


  • In the backstory of Star Trek Online, P'Jem was rebuilt by a coalition of Humans, Andorians and Vulcans in 2170. One of the early Federation missions, "Diplomatic Orders", partially takes place there.

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