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Romulan Neutral Zone map

Federation map showing the position of Outpost 5 in relation to Romulus and the Romulan Neutral Zone, 2266

Tactical Intelligence Analysis

The location of Outpost 5 on a tactical intelligence analysis star chart, 2366

Outpost 5 was an outpost constructed on an asteroid by Starfleet in 2160. This outpost was one of eight Earth Outpost Stations located in Sector Z-6 along the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone. This zone was a strip of space that acted as a buffer between the Federation and the Romulans in the Alpha Quadrant. (TOS: "Balance of Terror", display graphic; TNG: "The Defector", display graphic)


This outpost was never mentioned in dialog; this name came from a map of Sector Z-6.

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pg. 66), there were 23 Earth outposts. Outposts 1 to 8 were mentioned in dialog or were seen on the Z-6 Sector map in "Balance of Terror" and Outpost 23 was mentioned in dialog in "Future Imperfect". Outpost 5 was constructed in an area of space that been contested over during the Romulan War Theater of Operations (2156-2160).

This outpost's location near the Neutral Zone was seen on a star chart in 2366.

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