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"When I have plucked the rose I cannot give it vital growth again. It needs must wither!" (Othello. V.ii.13–16)

Othello is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare.

The protagonist is a Moor general named Othello, who marries a Venetian woman named Desdemona. Iago, the antagonist, sets in motion a plot to destroy Othello by tainting Othello's faith in Desdemona's virtue. By the end of the play, Desdemona dies by the hands of her own husband.

In 2366, Jean-Luc Picard quoted from Othello to convince DaiMon Tog that Lwaxana Troi was his love interest. (TNG: "Ménage à Troi")

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Avery Brooks has often played the title role in productions of the play by the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

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