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Orfil Quinteros

Commander Orfil Quinteros

Commander Orfil Quinteros was the Starfleet officer who supervised the construction of the starship USS Enterprise-D at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the Sol system, until its launch in 2363. Quinteros later found himself stationed on Starbase 74 for one of the Enterprise-D's first post-shakedown upgrades in 2364. Quinteros worked in the company of a group of Bynars who specialized in those services. (TNG: "11001001")

Near the end of 2364, Commander Quinteros' name was mentioned in a mission order that was read by Data, who was investigating the possiblity of a conspiracy in Starfleet Command. (TNG: "Conspiracy", okudagram)

Commander Quinteros was played by Star Trek veteran Gene Dynarski.

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