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Orak was a Klingon prosecutor with a well-known success rate in service to the Klingon Empire in the 22nd century.

In that capacity, Orak represented the state in the trial of Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer in 2153. Orak successfully argued that Archer had violated the laws of the Empire by assisting a group of refugees which had fled the Klingon protectorate of Raatooras. The magistrate, however, was not convinced of Orak's assertion that, by assisting the refugees, Archer was attempting to incite rebellion against the Empire, and therefore commuted the death penalty in favor of a life sentence on the penal colony of Rura Penthe, a decision with which Orak displayed evident frustration. (ENT: "Judgment")

Episode writer David A. Goodman named Orak in honor of Orac, a computer in the British science fiction series Blake's 7. ("Judgment" podcast/audio commentary) In the script of "Judgment", Orak is introduced with the description, "He is younger than Kolos, forties, and is crafty and aggressive, with a flair for the dramatic -- he knows how to play to the crowd." Orak was played by John Vickery.

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