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Ophiucus III

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Ophiucus III was the inhabited third planet in the Ophiucus system.

Prior to stardate 1329, an Earth colony was founded on this world. Women were scarce enough in this colony that intergalactic rogue Harcourt Mudd saw an opportunity in bringing them in from other worlds. (TOS: "Mudd's Women"; TAS: "Mudd's Passion")


Star Trek: Star Charts

  • Ophiucus III (Ophiucus Colony): An Earth colony was founded on this planet by the mid-22nd century. The colony was a destination on the Earth trade routes. In 2378, Ophiucus III was a Federation member. (pg. 44, "United Federation of Planets I")
  • Ophiucus System (36 Opiuchi System): This system was located in non-aligned space in the mid-22nd century. In 2378, this system was located in or near Federation space. This system was a quadrinary star system. Ophiucus A was a K-class star with a magnitude of +3, which was ten times brighter than Sol. Ophiucus B, Ophiucus C, and Ophiucus D were K-class stars. This system was the namesake for the Ophiucus Sector (Sector 008). (pgs. 19, 44, "United Federation of Planets I")
  • Ophiucus Sector (Sector 008): This was the eighth sector explored by Earthships. (pg. 19)

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